A little about ourselves

One Healthy Life offers products and personal services to you and your family with a Holistic 
approach focusing on the spiritual, mental/emotional, and physical aspects of health.

We encourage an open dialogue to help you develop a true understanding of health and set goals for obtaining greater wellness, increased mobility, pain reduction and/or improved performance. Our office provides individual privacy and a confidential place to discuss your health objectives.

Taking the time necessary to understand your health concerns allows you to better determine the best modality for optimal health improvement.

Our Mission

First and foremost we want you to understand that we hold to the following truth: Man Tends but God Mends.
True health care is what people do for themselves and their family independent of medical professionals, clinical institutions, pharmaceutical corporations, insurance companies, and government agencies. Through research and education into the science and art of applying essential oils, accompanied by the other holistic modalities the office of One Healthy Life employs , our clients, students, friends and family members are guided toward a healthier lifestyle. 

Our Mission is to teach and assist those who are seeking non-chemical means to health. We  offer a variety of classes for those interested in obtaining certification in the natural health field. The essential oils we use are therapeutic grade because of their purity and quality in all aspects, from seed to seal. We value the life force that is maintained in these essential oils and products and their ability to support health at the cellular level, body, soul, and spirit. This is our joy and passion. To God be the glory.

    The information provided within this Website and any information provided by the office of One Healthy Life is intended for educational purposes to offer alternative choices to those seeking chemical free health.  One Healthy Life staff are not medical doctors and do not diagnose disease or prescribe medications for the treatment of disease.  You are encouraged to see your family doctor and inform him/her of any natural supplements being taken and follow his/her advice.